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About company

  Construction company Apex Development was founded in 2013. A company based on hard work, trust and integrating values ​​that are valuable to all has easily won the trust of customers. The direction of the company's activity is the construction of residential complexes. 

  The success that Apex Development has achieved since 2013 is the result of strong management, open financial policy and correct market analysis. The projects created by the company meet all standards and at the same time perfectly blend with the appearance of Tbilisi and the development plan. Each project aims to make acceptable changes in people's daily lives. The Apex team has an individual approach to customers to change their lives for the better and make them feel cozy and comfortable.

  The company created jobs and today about 150 workers are employed in construction. The situation of the residents has changed for the better, whose living spaces (old barracks, half-destroyed houses) have been replaced by modern, state-of-the-art residential buildings. They improved everyday conditions without changing the desired area.

 Apex Development is a company with the resources and capabilities to capitalize, design, build and then manage infrastructure that can improve lives.

 What is the mission?

Apex Development's goal is to create a product that will be tailored to the customer's needs and desires as much as possible. We try to associate Apex with comfort, modern style and cozy environment for people.

  One vision:

Apex Development will establish itself as a manufacturer of safe and high-quality products in Georgia.

Some values:

  High quality and availability, innovation, safety and responsibility - these are the main values ​​ with which the Apex team creates an acceptable environment for customers and employees.

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